LGBTQ+ Therapy

LGBTQ+ Therapist in New York

I am here to help. The challenges that you may face as an LGBTQ+ person are specific and having someone who understands those issues is helpful. I have been working with the LGBTQ+ community since college. 

Starting in 1990, I began serving the community in San Francisco on the AIDS/HIV Nightline. I provided emergency support and suicide prevention to those struggling with the trauma of HIV/AIDS. 

This led to activism for equality and inclusion and eventually training to become a therapist.

What Are Some Common Therapy Goals When You See An LGBTQ+ Therapist Like Me?

Many clients struggle with challenges building self-worth, managing shame, and standing in their identity. Coming to terms with one’s sexuality or gender identity can be difficult, frightening, and lonely. Especially, when it means dealing with the stress of family and societal expectations.

Clients often experience anxiety and depression on the road to self-acceptance. These issues can interfere with dating as well as developing strong intimate and interpersonal relationships. I support clients as they navigate these concerns with sensitivity and care around the complexity of these matters.

Free Consultation

Are you ready to start your journey towards Being, Healing, and Living? Together, we will help you live with more joy, clarity, and intention. Contact me now to set up your free consultation.


What About LGBTQ+ Couples & Relationship Challenges?

Finding love can be much easier than maintaining and building strong, healthy relationships. Especially for LGBTQ+ couples. From attachment wounds to understanding patterns in relationships, I work with couples to identify a clear vision for your relationship and the skills and tools needed to keep the vision in focus.

Communication is key to navigating the challenges LGBTQ+ couples face. Historical trauma, self-acceptance, open relationship, infidelity, and substance abuse issues can create barriers to intimacy and connection all of which can be healed through therapy.

Is Therapy Any Different With An LGBTQ+ Therapist Vs. Someone Who Doesn’t Identify This Way?

Sometimes it feels safer to work with someone who understands more of the nuances of your experience. Understanding the more subtle challenges of being LGBTQ+, I can offer support and guidance in a caring and affirmative way.

There are things you can tell me that you won’t need to explain in the same way as if you were working with someone who doesn’t identify as a part of this community.

How Do You Work With Clients?

Every client is unique. I use my years of experience to provide the support you need to gently and compassionately explore what is happening for you.

You are the expert of your life.

My goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to heal and transform the challenges and traumas you may face.

Do You See Clients Remotely?

Yes, I do see clients remotely. In order to get the most out of working remotely, you need to give yourself permission to put everything else aside.  Find a quiet place to focus on you that is free from distractions.  I treat working remotely with the same care and attention as an in-person session.

What Are The Next Steps To Get Started?

Your identity is more than just your sexuality. Schedule a free consultation to discuss how therapy can support you in living in your power as your most authentic self.