Substance Abuse Therapy NYC

Substance Abuse & Addiction

I have been involved in the recovery community for over 17 years. My specialization in graduate school, my specialization was substance abuse and addiction. 

I know the pain and struggle that addiction can cause. 

I understand how addiction can ravage your career and relationships. I get what it takes to do the work to transform your life out of addictive behavior and into a life worth living.

How Do You Know Your Drinking, Sex, Drugs, Gambling, Or Other Recreational Uses Has Reached The “Problem” Stage?

This is a great question. Here are some ways clients have shared with me that it was time to make a change and seek help.
For you there may be additional reasons, the truth is when your heart tells you your behavior is out of alignment with who you desire to be, that’s enough to reach out for a helping hand

Does Working With You In Therapy Require That I Quit Using?

Every person has their own unique journey and I meet my clients where they are along the path. It’s about having a discussion and plan for how you intend to use substances in your life. 

I never tell anyone that they must quit and be completely abstinent. I believe that recovery is an ongoing process of uncovering what works for your life. You know best what you need. In therapy, we will work together to figure out what’s healthiest for you.

Does Moderation Management Work?

I have found that moderation management does work with some people. It’s really about the intention behind using and discovering what using substance gives you and restricts you from experiencing. Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. I support my clients in creating a plan for living your optimal life. It really is about a conversation with yourself about what is best for your life and your goals. Together, we will explore that conversation.

Free Consultation

Are you ready to start your journey towards Being, Healing, and Living? Together, we will help you live with more joy, clarity, and intention. Contact me now to set up your free consultation.


Do You Offer Sex Addiction Therapy In NYC?

Yes I do.  I have worked and trained at The SATTI (Sex Addiction Treatment and Training Institute). Sex addiction is when your life has become unmanageable and you feel powerless over your compulsion to engage in sex, pornography, sex seeking or sexualizing of others. If you have noticed this issue or someone has told you your sexual compulsions are interfering in your relationships then I can support you in your recovery process.

The truth is, we are sexual beings having a human experience. The goal in therapy is to explore what you learned about sex and how to incorporate and develop a healthy sexual self. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to sex provided there is mutual consent. Their is however, healthy sex and unhealthy sexual behaviors that can harm you or others.

We live in a culture that has created shame around sex. 

When you are free to be honest and feel safe to discuss your sexual desires, you can transform the shame around sex. Then, you can make space to express yourself in a healthy sexual way. 

In my work with clients all sexual conversation can be on the table, including: pornography, kink, role-playing, BDSM, monogamy, polyamory, open-relationship, erectile dysfunction, mis-matched libido, sex and aging, orgasms and anything else that is important to you.

Some people come to work with me on past sexual trauma that interefers with their ability to experience sex as they would like. This trauma may have affected them personally or affected their partner and is impacting connection and intimacy.

Whether the challenge that brought you to this website is sexual addiction, sexual trauma or a desire to be your more authentic sexual self,  I offer you a safe space to heal and transform these issues so that you find peace and comfort in your own skin.

What Other Areas Do You Offer Substance Abuse Counseling For?

What Do You Charge For Your Sessions?

I am a NYC based psychotherapist and my fees are competitive with other therapists in the area.

I am an “Out of Network” Provider. Many health insurances have out of network benefits and my fees may be reimbursable. 

If you have a PPO health insurance plan, my services may be reimbursable by 50%-80% depending on your health insurance or employee benefit plan.

When checking with your insurance about what coverage you have, please ask the following:

As a service to you, I submit all claims electronically to insurance providers. Payment for each session is expected at the time of service. I accept all major credit cards, cash, Venmo, Zelle and PayPal.

As is standard with psychotherapy, if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment and have not notified me at least 48 hours in advance, then you will be required to pay the full cost of treatment.

Do You See Clients Remotely?

Yes, I do see clients remotely. In order to get the most out of working remotely, you need to give yourself permission to put everything else aside. 

Find a quiet place to focus on you that is free from distractions. I treat working remotely with the same care and attention as an in-person session.

What Are The Next Steps To Get Started?

Knowing that you are not alone with your struggles is why I am here to support you. Whatever your drug of choice, I am here to walk you through the pain along the path of recovery. Reach out today for a safe space to discuss where you are and how we can get you through the challenges you face.